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Hekaya, Swahili for 'a series of stories,' is precisely what we will curate for your experience.  At Hekaya, we wholeheartedly embrace the remarkable potential of the African continent. We are more than just a luxury tour operator; we are the living manifestation of our founder's lifelong devotion to Africa, her tireless efforts in its advancement, and her resolute commitment to unveiling the richness, culture, and untapped possibilities inherent in this dynamic continent.


Heba Salama

Heba Salama, the founder of Hekaya Africa, is a passionate Egyptian-Zambian deeply rooted in her love for Africa. Having spent most of her life in Zambia, her exploration of the region has fueled a profound connection to the continent. Now based in Egypt, Heba has translated this love into the creation of Hekaya, a distinctive luxury tour operator with a focus on curated experiences across various African destinations.

With 20+ years advocating for African development, Heba serves as CEO of an international organization. Formerly Trade and Investment Representative of Seychelles in Egypt, she fostered economic growth across 21 African Member States. Heba's entrepreneurial background in Zambia provides valuable insights.

Hekaya Africa reflects Heba's commitment to dispelling misconceptions about Africa, offering curated, unforgettable trips to various destinations. Her belief in Africa's bright future is evident in both her role as founder and ongoing efforts for positive impact. Through Hekaya, Heba shares her genuine love for Africa, inviting travelers to experience the continent luxuriously.

A Passionate Advocate for Africa

Heba's passion for Africa extends far beyond her professional life. As the Trade and Investment Representative of the Republic of Seychelles in Egypt, she successfully fostered bilateral trade and investment between the two countries, contributing significantly to their economic growth. Moreover, Heba's entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish, manage, and own various businesses in Zambia, providing her with invaluable insights into the African market's challenges and opportunities.

Hekaya - A Vision Realized

Heba Salama's love for Africa and her extensive experience have come together in the creation of Hekaya. Hekaya is not just a luxury tour operator; it's a manifestation of Heba's dream to offer curated, unforgettable experiences across Africa. With a deep commitment to dispelling misconceptions about Africa, Heba and her team at Hekaya invite you to embark on a journey that showcases Africa's true essence.

Heba firmly believes in Africa's bright future and strives to make a positive impact on its journey towards prosperity. Through Hekaya, she shares her genuine love for the continent, inviting travelers to experience Africa in all its glory. Every Hekaya journey is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Africa's rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and the warmth of its people—all with the highest level of luxury and attention to detail.

Join us on this extraordinary voyage of discovery as we unveil the heart of Africa through the eyes of Heba Salama and Hekaya. Explore our handcrafted itineraries, and let us introduce you to the Africa we know and love.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Salma Hamed testimonial for Hekaya Travel

It is difficult to put into words just how incredible my journey with Hekaya Africa was. From the moment I decided to travel to Tanzania, the team at Hekaya Africa worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was taken care of.

What truly stood out to me was how the entire trip was tailor-made to suit my interests and preferences. The wildlife was stunning, the camps were incredible, and the village visits were truly inspiring.

Hekaya Africa made sure I had an authentic and unforgettable experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone looking to explore the beauty and diversity of Africa.

— Salma Hamed
Salma Hamed testimonial for Hekaya Travel
Sasha VanDenBosch

From the moment we engaged with Hekaya, it was evident that we were dealing with a team of consummate professionals. Their attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and passion for what they do truly stood out. Throughout our collaboration, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and preferences.

One of the aspects that impressed me the most about Hekaya was their remarkable turnaround time. In an industry where timing is often critical, they consistently delivered on their promises, ensuring that our request stayed on track and exceeded our expectations. Their efficiency and dedication were truly commendable.

Working with Hekaya has been an absolute pleasure, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone in need of top-notch African tour operator. Their professionalism, creativity, and commitment to excellence make them a valuable partner.

Thank you, Hekaya Africa, for your exceptional work and unwavering dedication. We look forward to continuing our partnership and creating many more memorable experiences together.

— Sasha VanDenBosch
Owner | United States
VDBCurated Travel
Sasha VanDenBosch
Sally Rashid Hekaya Testimonial

Travelling with Hekaya has been one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

To be honest I experienced luxury in ways I haven’t thought of before..  all travel details taken care of, arriving to smiley agents who were waiting for me with cold water bottles with my name on it 🙂 All connecting charter flights booked to my convenience with a hotel room so I wouldn’t have long waits in the airport.

As soon as I arrived I met the incredible Zambians who work in the lodge, so professional and inviting. Hekaya arranged a game drive, canoeing and lunch in the river upon arrival. The serenity and beauty of nature are incomprehensible, the fun kept rolling for the next few days.

The idea that I could see so many different cities in Zambia and experience flying over the Victoria falls, cruising in the mighty Zambezi river with the hippos and crocodiles and driving into the bush to find leopards and wild dogs was mind blowing!

Returning to my room at the end of the day to find a filled bubbly bathtub and a private luxurious room was my highlight.

I definitely recommend Hekaya for honeymooners, families and solo travelers who want to pamper themselves like me.

— Sally Rashid
Sally Rashid Hekaya Testimonial
Coucla Refaat & Ahmed Shaker Hekaya testimonial

The journey of a lifetime - our amazing adventure in Zambia with Hekaya was without a doubt our favorite trip. The comfort and beauty, the incredibly experienced guides and the well selected lodges made everything just perfect. We loved the game drives in South Luangwa and everything in between, when luxury and adventure met, it created absolute magic. 

Oh and visiting the schools and the kids, warmed our hearts. 

The adrenaline rush at the Victoria falls doing the microlight was super insane. Probably the best thing I have done in my life.

Why go with HEKAYA? Because it’s absolutely worth it. Hands down.

— Coucla Refaat & Ahmed Shaker
Coucla Refaat & Ahmed Shaker Hekaya testimonial

We recently booked at 12-day holiday to Zambia with Hekaya for our family of five, including three children aged 9 and 11. Hekaya did an amazing job of listening to our needs for a safari holiday, offered great suggestions and customised a complete, all-inclusive itinerary that resulted in a luxurious and amazing trip to Zambia. The response time to queries was superb and we booked our holiday in a matter of week.

We visited four different destinations including Victoria Falls, saw amazing wildlife, ate fabulous food and met wonderful people. The experience was all completely worry-free with activities, internal flights and transfers pre-organised, thanks to Hekaya. The service felt personalised with welcome gifts and notes left at each different destination, as well as a post-trip follow-up welcoming feedback about the trip. 

These days it's easy to book everything yourself online (flights, accommodation, car rental, activities etc.), however, that works well when traveling to well-known destinations with established standards and hotel brands. It becomes infinitely more challenging when heading to an unfamiliar destination and splurging on what may be a once-in-a-lifetime safari holiday. Add to that the plethora of information available online, the gazillion reviews and you’re left wondering what to believe and what to choose.  

That’s when you need a good travel agency that you feel cares about you and understands the destinations, and that you feel you can trust. That’s what Hekaya was for us and we can highly recommend it. Thank you for a perfect first safari with unforgettable memories.

— Melina Svendsen
Valentina testimonial for Hekaya

I don't think I've ever felt more well taken care of on any vacation. The staff here are incredible, had various things going making this the best experience you could ever want; game drives, balloon rides, horse riding, sundowners with wonderful pizza and cocktails, and the best meals.

— Valentina
Valentina testimonial for Hekaya

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