A True Wildlife Destination

When it comes to an African holiday destination, Zimbabwe is the real deal. In the East there are the stunning mountains of the Eastern Highlands, in the West the breathtaking beauty of the Victoria Falls, and in-between are some of the most amazing landscapes, people and experiences the continent has to offer. 

With an abundance of National Parks, wildlife, lakes, rivers and savannah Zimbabwe is certainly the place to answer the call of the wild. You can explore locations whose names will forever be linked with the best in African travel; Mana Pools, Hwange National Park, Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River. Try your hand at catching the elusive tiger fish on Lake Kariba, or photographing wildlife’s Big Five: lion, leopards, rhino, elephant and buffalo. Hekaya is here to design a Zimbabwe experience for you like no other. Our team has first-hand knowledge of this beautiful country and its tourism industry.

Zimbabwe on map of Africa

Zimbabwe has one of the most pleasant weather patterns in the world. With over 320 days of recorded sunshine, the winters aren’t too cold and the summers not too humid. Divided into a wet and a dry season, let’s have a look at what each of the months brings:


April and May: The tail end of the rains, by the end of May there won’t be any around. The landscapes are green but beginning to dry out. Temperatures are starting to drop. 

June to August: Typically these are the winter months. Cloudless blue skies in the day, cold temperatures at night. There’ll be no rain around, so the dense green bush dries and thins out. It’s a popular time for game viewing, as visibility is good. 

September and October: The hottest time of the year, often uncomfortably so. It’s also the peak period for wildlife viewing, because vegetation is sparse and animals congregate by water. A popular time for a Zimbabwe safari, remember to stay hydrated and protected from the sun if you visit during this period. 


November: A transition month from the hottest time of year to the rainy season, November is unpredictable, often with the weather changing from day-to-day. 

December to March: The long-awaited rainy season arrives. Grand storm clouds bring heavy downpours punctuated by sunny days. The dry heat cools down, and the brown countryside quickly turns a deep green. 

Up to date visa information for Zimbabwe is available on the Zimbabwe Government’s website

The KAZA Uni-Visa: This visa available for a standard fee of US$50 allows access to Zimbabwe or Zambia and is valid for 30 days as long as you remain in Zimbabwe or Zambia. You can cross into Zimbabwe/Zambia as frequently as you like within the 30 day period. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Hekaya and we’ll help you with them. Alternatively, the World Travel Guide website can offer relevant information on visa requirements for Zimbabwe.

Let Hekaya put together a trip to Zimbabwe that will exceed all expectations.

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