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When people hear the name Seychelles it conjures up so much imagery. Powder-soft blue beaches; verdant mountain peaks; lush primeval forests; the golden sun sinking on the watery horizon. 

Indeed, these islands are some of the most visually striking in the world. Picture perfect scenes greet you around every corner, forming the backdrop for Africa’s greatest luxury beach holiday destination. 

A Seychelles holiday is one where you immerse yourself in beauty, where the rest of the world melts away and you achieve that unique state of relaxation so few destinations can provide. It’s no wonder they are called ‘The Islands of Love’, attracting couples, honeymooners, newly-weds, and lovers from across the world. 

Seychelles is much more than a romantic getaway. There’s something here for the entire family, from kids to grandparents. Everyone will love the activities on offer, the sights to see and the peaceful harmony of the Seychelles locals. 

Hekaya will show you the best of Seychelles, leaving you with a blissfully relaxed heart and a lifetime of memories. We know and love these islands and cannot wait to introduce them to you.


Located just south of the equator in the Western Indian Ocean, Seychelles has a tropical climate that is different to anywhere on the African mainland. Let’s have a look at what each month brings to the Seychelles weather. 

May to October: This is a period of low rainfall and perfectly tolerable temperatures that average around 27°C. The cool and dry Southeast Trade Winds can mean the seas are a little choppy. 

November: The month before the Northwest Monsoon starts bringing some weather changes. The winds change, bringing with them warmer temperatures and ushering in the start of the wet season. 

December to March: This is the time of the Northwest Monsoon, and the period during which Seychelles gets the most rain. This means the forests are at their greenest, covered in thick and lush vegetation. The winds aren’t strong, and the sun is hot and warm when it’s not raining. 

April: This is Seychelles calmest month, as the pre-Southeast Monsoon winds aren’t strong. It’s also a warm time, recognised as the hottest month with temps going up to 32°C. 

Best Time to Visit Seychelles

Anytime of the year can be seen as a good time to visit Seychelles, with the islands often being called ‘the land of perpetual summer’. 

One thing that can play a part is the seasonal trade winds wash up seaweed onto the southern beaches during May to October. This doesn’t affect all beaches though, and as the islands are relatively small a beach with no seaweed is never far away! You’re welcome to speak to a Hekaya expert on the seaweed and when it effects which part of the archipelago. 

If you’re into deep sea diving and want to enjoy pristine clear conditions then plan to visit in April, May, October or November. 

A word on cyclones – while these can be a concern for some Indian Ocean Islands, only the islands in the furthest reaches of the Seychelles are in the cyclone zone. So your holiday should be free from any extreme weather interruptions. As always, speak to a Hekaya expert if you have any concerns. 

Seychelles is a visa-free country, meaning anyone can visit the country for tourism purposes for up to 30 days. Visas aren’t required to visit Seychelles, but a visitor’s permit will be issued at the airport when you arrive. It’s an easy process, but there are some requirements. For more information, either get in touch with the experts at Hekaya, or alternatively, the World Travel Guide website can offer relevant information on visa requirements for Seychelles.

Pristine and untouched, Seychelles is waiting for you.

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